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Vacation Rental·Construction
Foreclosed Property
317 Mineral Avenue
P.O. Box 1628
Libby, Montana 59923
Landline: 406-293-7312
Cell: 406-291-4201

Commercial Services

  • Daily and Weekly Services
  • Bi-monthly Services
  • Weekend Janitorial Shifts
  • Customized Janitorial Cleaning
  • Event/Party Cleaning
  • Specialized Single Cleanings

Residential Services

  • Customized House Cleaning
  • Event/Party Cleaning
  • Specialized Single Cleanings
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Move-in Cleaning
  • Move-out Cleaning
  • Home Pre-Sale Cleaning

Other Services

  • Foreclosure Property Cleanup
  • Vacation Home Cleaning
  • Rental Home Cleaning
  • Vacant Home Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleaning
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Independent Contractor
Licensed · Bonded · Insured
Pre-Employment Background Check

In 2003, Annie’s Professional Cleaning Service, LLC began as a small family owned and operated business with a one-person cleaning team that provided janitorial services to area residents and business owners. It was not long before the ambitious and determined entrepreneur, Annie Thatcher, saw the need to hire employees to fulfill the demands of her rapidly growing customer base. Furthermore, she realized that she could no longer single-handedly provide her multitude of clients with the personalized service she wanted to deliver.

Embracing the increase in new clientele, Annie welcomed enthusiastic, experienced cleaning technicians to help support and develop her growing customer base. Ever since, each employee has been carefully selected and thoroughly trained in order to maintain the company’s strong image and have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for exceptional job performance.

To strengthen the level of customer trust confidence, Annie’s Professional Cleaning Service, LLC is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company.

What does that mean for their clients?
  • First and foremost, by obtaining a business license, Annie’s Professional Cleaning Service, LLC is granted the right to operate a business in the City of Libby and have legal permissions to provide janitorial services.
  • Secondly, liability insurance, including workers’ compensation insurance, will safeguard the business against liability for losses that stem from unfortunate accidents, injury, or property damage while on a client’s premises.
  • And finally, a janitorial service surety bond will protect both the business and the clients against unforeseen expenses related to a loss incurred by company employees while on the job.
Collectively, these three factors will give clients peace of mind knowing that their cleaning service can be trusted and that the security of their home or place of business is fully protected.